Healthy Home Assessment

We analyze the health of your home by testing your indoor air quality –  water, VOCs, mold and formaldehyde & taking inventory of household items and personal products.

Green Renovation and Construction

We are LEED certified by the US Green Building Council. We will work with you to pick safer and more eco-friendly materials that will make your home healthier, efficient and comfortable. Wellness starts at home!

Baby Nursery or Kid’s Room

From the design concept of your baby’s nursery’s or child’s bedroom to construction, we can facilitate all of your needs. Lets create the perfect organic nest for your baby.

Preparing for Baby

We’ll support you prior to and during your pregnancy to ensure your home, nutrition, baby registry and nursery are as safe as possible to get the healthiest start for the newest member of your family.

Green Lifestyle Makeover

Our Holistic Nutrition Coach will green your kitchen to ensure you have the healthiest products. We’ll makeover your pantry so you and your family can eat better and feel their best.

New Home Inspection

Purchasing a new Home? We will test the indoor air quality, check for mold, lead and water quality. We will also discuss the efficiency of windows, doors and sealants.

Design Consultation

An in-person meeting. I will share my design tips and product information, helping you to create the perfect organic nest for your child. From paint color to bedding, we can cover it all!

Not a New Yorker, no worries, we can meet virtually!

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Creating your ideal nursery or child's bedroom is such an enjoyable project! Let us work with you to design a peaceful sleeping space, healthy, clean and worry free!

Please fill out the form and let me know the details of your project. I know we can help!